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The renovation and expansion of this hotel began with the construction of the building in 2006 and was renovated in 2014 to add new public areas and a spa center.Despite its plain and ordinary design, the expansion aims to retain the architectural style of the existing building and bring a more effective image to the hotel.The solution of design is very simple and introverted in some Spaces.The continuity of the green roof and the existing external white walls is intended to reduce the visual impact of the new building to the highest level.In order to establish a stronger relationship with the site, local materials, architectural traditions and vernacular architectural symbols,PU faux wood panel is main feature of the new expansion.This PU wall panel material is used as a reserve for the new program in the surrounding environment, creating the boundaries of the new space.The wooden box is a new element of the hotel's organization, creating an atmosphere for the interior and exterior design, indicating a strong continuity between each floor.The project was developed to the smallest detail, integrating the interior and exterior Spaces, effectively utilizing natural light, visual features of the interior terraces and the design of a variety of decorative items including furniture, lighting and even the hotel signage system.

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As mentioned above, since we are dealing with an existing building, the project aims to retain the main features of the existing architecture externally, but work more freely internally.By creating a new atmosphere for the hotel, it completely redefines the balance between materials, furniture, decorations, the relationship between architectural solutions and the atmosphere of the interior design.The use of faux wood panel was introduced in several floors of the hotel , usually from the inside to the outside, connecting the two areas of the hotel and their surroundings.The design includes new hotel projects such as our business district, spa, etc., all of which are very simple, understated, geometric and covered with PU eco-friendly wood veneer wall panels, resulting in a firm interior design, distinctive features and correct tone.As the hotel is located in an area of forest, river and local tradition as the main attraction, the interior design should be natural and seem to have existed for a long time, providing customer the views of the best surrounding landscape or natural scenery.

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