Exterior faux stone cladding panel
NEU concrete wall panels bring you to appreciate the modern simple life


Concrete style appears frequently in coffee shops or office business clubs and so on. Large areas of bare brick, metallic pipe, concrete floor and concrete to combine the space with rough, secrete and decadence old industry breath. The hard outfit elements of hard outfit elements are mainly self-leveling floor or ancient floor, concrete wall and bare bricks.

NEU concrete wall panels make the space more deep atmosphere robust. The texture is elegant and natural without exaggeration, giving people a thick and simple sense of sureness. This is a brief but not simple connotation wall panel.

NEU concrete wall panels are the real green environmental friendly material with the following advantages:

1. Quick installation ( Lightweight, 2-4 KG/㎡, easy to carry, construction: 50㎡/day/person, normally a day to finish)

2. Waterproof, anti- moisture, durable and good weatherability

3. Heat preservation ( thermal conductivity ≤0.024 w/m.k. The best heat preservation material to lower the consumption of the air conditioner and warm energy, to save energy.)

4. Environmental friendly and soundproof ( Pass the most strict international gas certificate of VOC, without the formaldehyde and other toxic substances and gas, meanwhile with the function of sound absorption and soundproof.)

5. Fire retardant (Pass the test of ASTM E84-17 of SGS, fire retardant grade A, national construction material fire retardant standard grade B, European Union flame retardant standard grade B, polymer composite insulation board fire retardant reaching national grade A2.)

6. DIY assembly ( DIY installation, could be removed and reinstalled at any time.)

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