Exterior faux stone cladding panel
NEU decorative wall panel makes the outdoor scenery a focus


A building site can have a great influence on the design of a house. For example, a house with 300 years' history is located under the American volcano with a rich geological history. Dense distribution of white fir trees around the house, the environment is wet, the trees are more likely to attract mosquitoes. In such an environment, how to make the house achieve beautiful and practical, designers break through the original decorative style, originated from the new decorative wall panel, not only doesn't go against to match the house and the overall environment but also to please your eyes from the house decoration. At the same time, be pleasant for you to live in.

NEU-WP058-BR01 wall panel is independent research and development by Xiamen NEU Craft Co., Ltd. The remarkable feature of the wall panel is light weight and easy to carry. At the same time, it can lower the delivery cost. NEU-WP058-BR01 is decorated interior to keep the house dry and comfortable with water-proof and anti-moisture. The characteristics of anti-moth and anti-mildew make the house keep good air fresh even though it is wet outdoors. This kind of concrete wall panel with the performances of sound insulation, heat insulation, fire retardant, and heat-retaining, which protects the house in security.

NEU PU wall panel is more and more popularly applied to interior and exterior decoration. NEU PU wall panel is used for brand stores, high-end residences, cellar, museums, video entertainment clubs, villas, gardens, hotels, resorts, and renovation of old houses.

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