Exterior faux stone cladding panel
NEU faux stone panel installation can be finished one day for a suite


The product of NEU concrete wall panel using special surface treatment, not including formaldehyde and 26 kinds of other harmful substances. It also can resolve the harmful substance in the air and release a large number of oxygen ions. Bring the natural breath back to your home, NEU can do it! Let us own a healthy aerobic, warm, and beautiful home.

Characteristics of faux stone panel:

1.Heat insulation: NEU concrete wall panel is unique more poly science and technology materials with thermal insulation.

2.Sound insulation: NEU company through a long period of innovation, R&D, and experiment, produces well noise reduction performance of sound absorption, noise elimination, sound insulation of multiple structures of NEU PU concrete wall panel. The principle of sound absorption is that there are a large number of tiny pores inside the material. A sound wave  can go into the inner material along with the tiny pores and turn acoustic energy into thermal energy by rubbing with materials.

3.Earthquake proof: The weight of NEU concrete wall panel is one-fifth of the real stone. It is called the weightless stone with the good performance of earthquake-proof.

4.Besides,NEU also has the characteristic of light weight,fire retardant,water proof,anti-moth,anti-mildew,anti corrosion,heat insulation,anti-aging,UV resistance and good weatherability ,etc.

High technology new materials meet personalized customization:

Designers through creative design method from the origin to develop personalized surface style and build a connection from product with the site and environment. Not only let the products take responsibility for function, but also become a unique microlandschaft.

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