Exterior faux stone cladding panel
NEU Faux Stone Wall Panels for Mediterranean Sea View Villa


Exterior Faux Stone Panel

This is a elaborate family villa located by the seashore of Mediterranean. Due to steep terrain, the site is present with retaining walls, platforms and stairs. In order to preserve the traditional Mediterranean style, natural view, and solve the problem of land shortage, the designer takes full advantage of the stone walls in different height.

Horizontally, the interior structure of the building determines the shape of the roof slightly tilted. At the same time, its geometric shape of the main building merges perfectly with the surrounding landscape. The form of architectural geometry, simple building materials and polyurethane faux stone wall panels make the house a unit of harmony and contrast. The core idea of the design is to create a villa that is open to nature and withstands harsh weather. Therefore, large horizontal floor-to-ceiling windows are adopted to face unparalleled open sea views.

Since the site is located on a slope, the building is divided into several floors. The main entrance is located on the top floor of the building and the parking garage is located on the street next door. Other activity venues are placed on the mezzanine, including three bedrooms, bathroom, master room, dressing room, staircase, spacious living room, dining room, kitchen, service room, storage room and toilet, children's playroom and TV projection room. The living and dining rooms are directly connected to the outdoor area, which has an open-air swimming pool. The outdoor area is designed as a path to walk down the stairs to the beach.

The facade and roof of the building are made of white stone slate. Large floor-to-ceiling glass windows are embedded in the building and open to the sea. Meanwhile it creates a comfortable shadow area indoors. The outdoor terraces are covered with stones or planks and are full of native plants.

NEU faux stone panel serves as skirting panel and siding wall as it has good weatherability, waterproof, anti acid and alkaline, corrosion-resistant, non-cracking, pest repellant. What’s more, it matches the surrounding scenery so well just like natural rocks from the backside mountain.

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