Exterior faux stone cladding panel
NEU Modified Polyurethane Insulation Board


With the development of the economy and social progress, building trades makes fast development and the insulation of exterior buildings is focused more and more. The energy consumption of building trades relatively large, the energy crisis is constantly aggravating in China. This requires taking pains in building to reduce energy consumption. In the building progress, the part of exterior wall insulation energy consumption is large, thus the exterior wall insulation energy-saving becomes the future trends in building trades.

Xiamen NEU Craft Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of strong technology strength and the lead production scale of modified polyurethane insulation board in China at present. Modified polyurethane material is the international best performance of thermoset polyurethane insulation material at present. It is the new generation insulation products of energy-saving and efficient polyurethane insulation material, construction brand new modified polyurethane insulation board. The products are with the high quality performances of low carbon and environmental protection, light weight and high strength, stable without deformation, durable weather resistance, intact decoration surface and all-weather use.

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