Exterior faux stone cladding panel
Neu Panel gives your home a new life


A house as an example to tell you how can a family have the conviction not to demolish their home inspire new architecture in the most positive way. The house owner said that the total parts are not only balanced, but also building a powerful center, which not only makes you comfortable, but also makes you feel free at home. Even though the retained house is small, it is full of fascinating. The house is divided into three parts: children's tower, living room and dining area. All exterior walls are changed by the decorative panel of NEU-WP066-SL in order to make a new home. The advantage of NEU-WP066-SL with light weight, easy to install, saving installation time, and bringing the new home more modern breath and fashion. The characteristic of decorative panels is heat retaining and heat insulation, which keeps your home warm in winter and cool in summer to save energy. The other characteristic of NEU-WP066-SL is sound insulation, which makes the house quiet within the noise environment. NEU-WP066-SL passes the certificate by EU ROHS test report and CE certificate by TUV without containing CFC and formaldehyde. It will protect your lives security with the characteristics of eco-friendly, waterproof, moisture resistance, efficient fire retardant. The three divided parts of the house create three completely different interior and exterior spaces, taking a good balance between living and leisure.

faux wood wall panel

exterior faux stone panel

The desire of the house-owner to keep their existing house at all costs to save their old house to accommodate their new ones. We can continually leave residents to benefit from the tension between the old buildings and new design architecture through the PU decorative panels approach. We can continually make residents benefit from the tension between the old buildings and new design architecture through the PU decorative panels approach, not only creating the connection between products and site and environment, but also letting products take the responsibility of function to become an ecological landscape.

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