Exterior faux stone cladding panel
NEU PU ore rock wall panel


NEU research and develop the new product of PU ore rock wall panel. Which integrates the atmosphere and fashion in one, and a high imitation of natural stone texture. Ore rock formed by nature over thousands of years, fusion of nature decoration, combination of texture colour and humanity art. It's clear to see every texture detail, to make home decoration more lingering charm.

The variegated colour and texture of ore rock should experience many years to achieve, just as the time is clearly carved on the wall of great momentum. PU ore rock wall panel can be widely used for enterprises, hotels and background of courtryard landscapes. The weight of the wall panel is about 2-4KG/㎡ and the weight is one twentieth of the real stone. It's easy to carry, making the installation more convenient. The construction volume is about 50/day per person. With the characteristic of lightweight, the safety factor is higher than real stone. NEU PU ore rock wall panel couldn't hurt one person after dropping.

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