Exterior faux stone cladding panel
NEU PU wall panels--the first choice of brand stores decoration


NEU PU wall panels come out as the fifth building decoration material after the four building decoration material. Why are the NEU PU wall panels popular with brand stores decoration? Let's feel the charm of the NEU PU wall panels.

faux stone pu wall panel

Brand stores decoration is more cared about the timeliness, the shorter construction period the lower cost. NEU PU wall panels with lightweight and DIY characteristics to realize quick installation. At the same time, that can lower the labor cost since one person can install about 100 m² one day. The installation tools nails and glue are easy to get. None of the other decoration materials can be comparable with NEU PU wall panels in environmental protection. NEU PU wall panels are without formaldehyde and other toxic substances to protect our health. After completing the decoration, the stores could start business without ventilation. Meanwhile, the vein of NEU PU wall panels are the same as real stone and improves the decoration level of the store. Which is more attractive customers and caters to the aesthetics of modern people, to increase the flow of stores.

lightweight faux stone wall panel lightweight faux stone wall panel

From security aspects, NEU PU wall panels are produced according to the standard of ASTM E84-17 fire expansion. NEU PU wall panels are with the characteristics of heat preservation, heat insulation and fire retardant, to provide a more safe business environment of the stores. In addition, the waterproof characteristic of NEU PU wall panels is easy to clean, no matter if the dirty, hand marks or other stains could be scrubbed directly. So NEU PU wall panels are the best choice for brand stores quick decoration.

beautiful faux stone walll panel

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