Exterior faux stone cladding panel
NEU Wall Panel keeps home warm in winter and cool in summer


NEU Wall Panel makes the house in good condition come true, which maintains the indoor temperature around 20℃ suitable for living all year round without keeping warm in winter and air condition in summer.

NEU Wall Panel: To achieve your various decorative dream.

NEU Wall Panel is a kind of innovative polymer technology material with the characters of waterproof, earthquake-proof, fire retardant, heat insulation, and sound insulation, etc. It’s the perfect supporting material for building.

It includes all the elements involved in building a good house. Through the combined application of the technology to achieve zero energy consumption in all buildings.

various wall panel

NEU Wall Panel is quicker to install and downer the noise. Take the example of a 200 square meters villa, its construction period is not any more than 15days to lower the labor cost.

NEU Wall Panel is a kind of environmental protection and innovative polymer technology material. With the characteristics of lightweight,90% of materials can be recycled to use. Its weight is about 2.5kgs per square meter to greatly reduce the building load than the real stone in 74kgs per square meter.

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