Exterior faux stone cladding panel
The Treasure of Wall Decoration—NEU PU Decoration Wall Panel


Nowadays, more and more people like to use the culture stone to decorate their homes. Cultural stone with the unpolished texture, natural morphology, has also presented the natural landscape and made it to be the new favorite in decoration trades in recent years. In fact, the most appealing feature of cultural stone is to maintain the colour and texture the same as the original stone. In addition to the change of colouring allocation, making the stone texture a perfect combination of connotation and artistry. It just caters to people's cultural concept of advocating nature and returning to nature. So they are loved by people. Xiamen NEU Craft CO., Ltd. takes the lead in developing a new type of "cultural stone", known as the new energy-art wall panels.

NEU PU decoration wall panel with the characteristics of heat preservation, soundproof, waterproof, high simulation and artistry, etc. Especially, the installation of DIY design improves the efficiency and lower the cost greatly. Our products not only pursuit the effect of fire retardant and heat preservation, but also to reduce the traditional thick insulation layer from 10-20cm to 2-5cm, with high hardness, suitable for all kinds wall. NEU also can provide customized design to meet customers'  different style needs.

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