Exterior faux stone cladding panel
The weightless stone --- NEU WALL PAENL


“Finished installation for 50 square meters - Germany environmental certificate can be entered any time - stereoscopic style full the scene of design.” 

The well sold NEU wall panel in foreign is widely used in the decoration of interior and exterior. The common scenes cases are brand store, cellar, museums, video entertainment club, villa, garden, hotel, resort and relocation of the old building, etc.

panels for commercial design

High technology new materials meet personalized customization.

NEU wall panel is the first decorative material in the world. It has won much honor of international invention patents and practical patents. Its unique polymer technology materials with the character of heat insulation, sound insulation, heat preservation,water-proof and environmental protection. The material is light, the installation is easy and quick, and can be reused. Designers through creative design method from the origin to develop personalized surface style and build a connection from product with the site and environment. Not only let the products take responsibility for function, but also become a unique microlandschaft.

Material characteristics:

1. Quick installation, light,4 Kg/㎡, providing great conveniences for delivery and installation. The construction volume is 50/㎡ per person per day.

2. Anti-mildew and water-proof: The water absorption is less than 1%. The characteristics of anti-mildew and water-proof can't be afraid of the south weather.

3. Heat preservation and saving energy: Thermal conductivity less than 0.024(w/m.k), it’s the best heat preservation material to greatly lower the energy of the air conditioner and heating for saving energy.

4. DIY installation: DIY any style you like and can be removed and reinstalled after finishing installation at any time.

5. Environmental protection and sound insulation: Through the international strictest certificate of VOC gas. Contains no toxic substances or gas like formaldehyde and chlordane carbon with the function of sound insulation and sound absorption.

6. Surface customized: To customize various surface requirements, especially suitable for the personalized decoration of holiday hotels and brand stores.

As the best seller manufacture of NEU faux stone panel in foreign. It is always been a high-tech enterprise, based on the excellent performance and innovative concept, NEU's product and service widely spread to North America, Europe, and other countries. As large as the decoration of chain store brand store like LOUIS VUITTON、COACH、Ralph Lauren POLO、FILA, as small as personal home decoration, NEU wall panel is widely used. In the age of pursuing personalized and multiple cultures, decoration fashion has become a symbol of personal taste and life attitude. Just like all things could give you pleasure. It will improve your life and be worth it for you to do better.

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