Faux Panel for Wall Decor

NEU Faux Wall Panel Installation Demonstration

For more details, please refer to instruction overleaf.

Materials&Tools: Level, Glue, Scoop, Pneumatic Nail Gun and Steel Nails, Rule, Pencil, Saw, Healant, Colored Paint, Safety Glasses, Bucket.

A. Draw horizontal line

Before installation, check to make sure the foundation is level. If necessary, strike chalk or use a level.

In general, after this line has been established, begin setting panels at the bottom-left corner of the wall installing from left to right, bottom to top.

If your project has outside corners, start there. If the project has 2 outside corners on one wall, install corners first and work toward the center.

B. Mix glues

C. Brush Glue

Glue Width: 40mm~100mm; Glue Thickness 3mm~8mm (Apply according to the surface finish of substrate or wall panel.); Edges-to is sure not to overflow glue; The stuck area should be a minimum of 30% wall panel area.

D. Reinforce outside corner with steel nails

Using a pneumatic nail gun, drive 1~3 steel nails evenly across the ship-lap on both sides and 1~2 nails into stone’s separation gap on both sides.

E. Interlock

F. Reinforce with steel nails

a. The numbers of nails depend on the size of the panel. Space between two nails is 200mm around.

b. The nails must penetrate the substrate a minimum of 30mm (The depth could be increased appropriately as different substrates). The nailhead should be countersunk about 3mm into the ship-lap edge.

c. Nails Stay within stone’s separation gap if possible (If a stone’s separation gap is not available, nails may be driven through the face of the panel.) and hidden later with healant, then brush colored paint.

d. Height below 1.2m. Drive evenly along the upper edge of stone’s horizontal separation gap;

Height from 1.2m to 2.0m. Drive casually in stone’s separation gap, and hidden the nail head with healant, then brush colored paint.

Height above 2.0m. Drive evenly along the lower edge of the stone’s horizontal separation gap.

G. Interlock

Attaching panels right to left, overlapping ship-laps. Repeat the process above to complete row.

H. Cut the last two panels to finish a row

Measure- requisite length of the uncut panel’s.

Mark- top and bottom where the cut part of the previous panel ends.

Draw-your cut line on the back of the panel, using carpenter’s square or straight edge.

Cut- with a saw.

I. Interlock

J. Interlock

K. Reinforce with steel nails (The method is as Item “F”)

L. Caulk; Brush the properly adjusted color paint

Remark: while applying over interior wood or masonry substrate but having a plan to disassemble in the future Please jump over Item B “Mix Glues” and Item C “Brush Glue” and directly go to “Drive Steel Nails”.

If you have any other installation problems, please feel free to contact us. :D

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