Light Weight Concrete Panel
NEU faux stone panel: DIY installation, none of the difference with real stone in vision


Xiamen NEU Craft Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful international port cityXiamen. NEU is devoted to design and manufacturing PU decorative wall panels applied to interior and exterior decoration including PU faux brick, stone, wood, bamboo, concrete series, etc.

The total area of the office building, production base and R&D center covers about 40,000 square meters. NEU has 3 production lines and 2 automatic continuous foaming lines. Daily production capacity reaches about 20,000 square meters.

NEU was founded in 2008 and products are exported to North America, Eastern Europe, Australia, Russia, Central and North America, East Asia, etc. With the development over 10 years, besides regular products and customization, our team will develop 3 to 4 kinds of new products each year. Up to 30% of profit is devoted to technology and R&D improvement. Our team with abundant experience offers you complete solutions for interior and exterior decoration design in brand stores, chain stores, shopping malls and other similar commercial applications.

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